A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Storyhaven

Research and collaborators and creative process. Their family stories. Links out to Wonderspun website. Twitter feed 

And an invitation to become part of the Maker's Guild, a special guild for only the most able Storyhaveners, who want to be involved in opening new frontier's of the narrative of the game. Child players will ideally have access to edit some of the pages, although it would be better if this was still immersively interfaced, rather than them having to deal with backoffice wordpress interface.

Again, this can be based around the map: The noticeboard will update Makers on what is currently being worked on. Work will involve: sorting through players submissions of creative work, stories, and character images. Deciding which stories, written during gameplay, could be extended into new twine branching narrative episodes to be played. Writing these new episodes collaboratively.