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The Bisons Nostril Tavern

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By purchasing Storyhaven you will get access to:

  • 5 replayable episodes of Storyhaven that can be played on a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop, offering players the opportunity to go on a thrilling reading and roleplay adventure with friends or family
  • Immersive theatre content in the form of video messages from characters embedded in the episodes that bring the story to life and support the telling of stories face-to-face between players
  • 41 beautifully designed pages for your adventure journals, for home printing (min. 8 A4 sheets per player, cut in half to A5; max. 21), in which players record their journey and help cocreate the story world through their creative writing and drawing
  • An illustrated map of the town of Storyhaven that can be printed off at home, spread on a table or taken on holiday to provide a focus for your shared imagining of the story world, wherever you choose to play
  • Instructions for how to make ice-age props to support your roleplaying and make your game-play space as immersive as possible
  • Full access to the Storyhaven website, where players can explore the story world and share their stories and artwork with other players from around the world for the chance to win prizes


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