Creator's Guild

Do you have what it takes to join the Storyhaven Creator's Guild, an elite team of young innovators working together to design new areas of the story world for other players to explore?


Do you want to write a quest to Sabrewolf mountain, creating all the choices players will make along the way?

Or what about the origin story of the Huskiebears? Where did they come from? How did the Storyhaven sledgers first meet them?


Or what about writing imagining the Great Battle of the Narwhals and their fall to a dark magical queen?

Expand the Storyhaven world in any way you please. The only limit is your imagination.

The best new episodes will be fully illustrated and integrated into the Storyhaven game.

Membership includes:

- exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews with the creative artists who make Storyhaven

- invitations to participate in online workshops where you will learn about story writing and game design and help build new areas of the gameworld

- an exclusive enamel lapel pin to show your membership of this elite club of makers