make your adventure journal


One process of making your adventure journal is as follows, although any method of making an ancient-looking one is fine, or you could use an old book cover or folder you have lying around at home instead. If you don't have time to make your journal yet, just keep your journal pages somewhere safe and make/find them an ancient cover whenever you have time.

  • Fold A4 card in half to make an A5 sized cover.
  • Scrunch up brown or tea-stained tissue paper and use to line the card.
  • Draw on dog-eared corners, creases and cracks in pencil.
  • Fashion a title card label.
  • Staple a ribbon/string tie to the front edge so that you can tie the journal closed.
  • Stud the cover with gold split pins.
  • Unwind silver paper clips, then curl them into decorations and stick them on.
  • Stick on any crystal gem stickers you have at home.

These steps have been taken from these videos, which might be used for inspiration. Searching youtube for "make a junk journal" or "make a faux leather journal" will bring up some wonderful crafting tips to have a go at together.