Online Child Safety

We recognise that we have a fundamental duty of care towards all children we work with, including a duty to protect them and keep them safe when engaging with them online.

The safety of children interacting on the Storyhaven website is ensured via the following practices:

  • All submissions of content to the website will be moderated before publishing live
  • All child activity on the website will be anonymised and no real names or images of the children involved will be used, so that all interactions will be undertaken via their player character avatars and virtual identities
  • There are currently no comment or rating functions on the website for unmoderated child interactions

For live-streamed performances to schools:

  • all our actors who interact with children directly online undergo a standard DBS check and are trained in online child safety
  • actors will be accompanied during the live-streamed performances by an online child safety expert who will help them to monitor activities in breakout rooms, as well as the class teacher, who will be present with the children at all times

Our practice has been ethically reviewed by the University of Bristol for interactions with vulnerable child participants.