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The Bisons Nostril Tavern

Digital teaching materials access

 Price: £150

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All the materials are usable simultaneously with multiple classes and replayable with subsequent classes or year groups.

By purchasing the Storyhaven digital teaching materials you will get non-expiring access to the following:

  • Teacher's notes to support running Storyhaven in both real and virtual classrooms
  • A 3-episode and 5-episode game of Storyhaven that can be played by groups of 2-6 students on a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.
  • Immersive theatre content in the form of video messages from characters that can be played on an IWB at the front of class, or viewed on mobiles or tablets if students play alone in the library
  • 41 graphically designed worksheets for students' adventure journals, in which students record details about their player character and journey and help cocreate the story world through their creative writing and drawing (10 essential worksheets, 31 optional extra activities)
  • An illustrated map of the town of Storyhaven that can be printed off for each student to boost their ownership of the experience and serve as a focus for their team's shared imagining of the story world
  • Instructions for how to make ice-age props  to support student's roleplaying and make their game-play as immersive as possible, including a DIY ancient adventure journal cover and crystal story runes
  • Full access to the Storyhaven website, where students can explore the story world and share their stories and artwork with other players from around the world for the chance to win prizes

Online training CPD session

 Price: £100 per teacher

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Contact info@wonderspun.co.uk to arrange the session for your school delivered by a Wonderspun practitioner with experience running Storyhaven in schools. The session can be delivered via Skype, Zoom or Teams. As many of the school's teachers can attend as you like. The price is per attending teacher.


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