Wasters, layabouts, troublemakers, and thieves - the naturally rebellious, those who don't fit in. Sharp-tongued and quick of thought and finger. In any other society Braggarts would be punished, booted out or locked up before you can say, “Where's my purse gone?”. But Storyhaven has a special tolerance for the square pegs of this world as the town has long realised how essential they are to any wonderful tale.

Braggarts are perhaps not your ideal employees, but they have a strict code of honour. It basically states that you can rip off anybody who is not a braggart, as long as that person has a fighting chance of coming out on top – otherwise, the exercise is pointless and boring and no real honour can come from it.

Braggarts are also highly territorial with fights often breaking out over who has the right to slouch where in town.

Having said this, as Braggarts do little except laze around and listen to Storyhaven life, they have developed a deep affection for the townspeople. They often secretly help out anybody in real trouble, although they will instantly deny this if asked about it directly.

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The ability to lie, twist the truth, deceive, persuade or flatter.


The ability to pickpockets, ferret, or rummage, soundlessly and often while continuing a secondary activity or conversation at the same time.


The ability to move silently, to creep, sneak and spy.


Built up from years of experience of Storyhaven life, this is the knowledge of the workings of the town and how things usually turn out in practice.


A heightened sense of what is going on around you, an ability to react quicker than others.


The ability to use whatever is at hand, however strange, and adapt it to the present situation.

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