Glacier Striders

Glacier Striders

Storyhaven was built at the foot of a mountainous glacier that shelters the town from the icy elements. At its highest peaks the winds sometimes blow the rock clear of snow, allowing life to gain an unlikely foothold. Seeds carried thousands of miles on the frozen wind bloom briefly in the sun until the ice closes over again. These plants are highly prized for their medicinal properties and beauty, and those who are skilful enough climbers to be able to reach them have won special status in Storyhaven life.

Striders have made harvesting the plants their business and have built up a vast knowledge of their different uses, which is passed down through the guild from one generation to the next.

Striders are usually calm and centred people, who do not mind keeping their own company during the long days they spend alone on the glacier. As well as having skills associated with rock climbing and mountaineering, they have a natural tendency towards meditation and spirituality.

So much time spent in the natural world, adapting themselves to the rhythms and life of the glacier, has also given them a deep understanding of the animals that call it home, and means they can often summon snow foxes, eagles, weasels and stouts to help them.

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Glacier Strider Skills


The ability to move silently, to creep, sneak and spy.


A heightened sense of what is going on around you, and an ability to react quicker than others.


The ability to remember all the different Storyhaven plant species and apply their different side-effects and benefits to any situation.


The ability to move fast, to run, sprint, or race.


The ability to move nimbly and flexibly, to twist, leap, or dart.

Animal empathy

An intimate connection with the natural world that allows you to call on its creatures in your moments of need.

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