Guards of the Perimeter Fence
Guards of the Perimeter Fence

Guards of the Perimeter Fence

Storyhaven has a reputation for hospitality and welcoming all travellers, no matter where they come from. But Earth's next ice age is a dangerous time to be alive. Packs of sabre-wolves often attack the town. Gangs of sky bandits and outlaws roam the ice wastes on the look out for defenceless outposts and villages to raid. Eventually, it was decided that Storyhaven should have a perimeter fence, while keeping its gates open to all comers. The women and men who volunteered to patrol its ramparts are some of the bravest Storyhaveners there are, willing to face down a stampeding woolly mammoth for the good of their fellow townsfolk.


It should also be noted, however, that the job of Perimeter Fence Guard consists of long periods of inactivity interrupted by rare, if intense, moments of action. This attracts a certain kind of personality. Many guards will take the occasional wrestle with a testosterone-crazed walrus, if it means they get to sit around for days at a time chatting with their friends and gazing out at the stunning ice-age sunsets. This also explains why many of Storyhaven’s most popular tales were dreamt up around the crystal beacons of the guards’ many watchtowers.

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Perimeter Fence Guard Skills


Wrestling walruses and woolly mammoths does wonders for the biceps and abs.


The hidden role that downright laziness has played in the rich history of human innovation has often been overlooked.Faced with exposing themselves to the cold and getting up from a cosy lookout spot, Perimeter Fence Guards will often come up with innovative solutions that others would never have thought of.


Hand-to-hand fighting, brawling, the use of weapons, general skirmish strategy and a mighty, blood-curdling battle cry.


The ability to use your charm to get on with others and twist them around your little finger through cheerfulness and verbal wit.


A healthy disregard for your own safety when others are in danger.


A heightened sense of what is going on around you, an ability to react quicker than others might.

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