Sledgers are amongst the most respected of Storyhaven's guilds. These hardy souls run the postal and trade routes from Storyhaven to other towns on the ice wastes by driving sledges pulled by their powerful huskiebears.

They have to withstand freezing temperatures and snow storms while camping out under the stars during their long expeditions away from town and are often the target of sky bandit attacks. But they are able fighters and their knowledge of these frozen lands is second to none. The stories they bring back from their adventures are as prized as the goods and foods they trade.


A sledger’s connection with their huskiebear is legendary. With the cunning and intelligence of huskie dogs and the size and strength of polar bears, these loyal and protective animals are chosen at birth by their owners in elaborate rituals that bind them to each other for the rest of their lives.

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Sledger Skills

Animal empathy

An intimate connection with the natural world that allows you to call on its creatures in your moments of need.


Hand-to-hand fighting, brawling, the use of weapons, general skirmish strategy and of having a mighty, blood-curdling battle cry.


A knowledge that comes from travelling widely and being able to compare the differences between cultures and ways of seeing the world.


Holding the reins of a pack of huskiebears all day long means there are few sledgers that can’t beat a weakling townie at an arm wrestle.


A healthy disregard for your own safety when others are in danger.


A heightened sense of what is going on around you, an ability to react quicker than others.

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