Success for All Literacy Programme integration

If your school follows Success for All, Storyhaven would fit in well with the programme's aims to:

• develop aspects of learning behaviour through the use of Co-operative learning strategies, whereby children learn to work with others as a team and with partners.

• have children work in groups according to their reading ability with an emphasis on shared, paired and guided reading

• emphasise active listening and participation, everybody helping each other's reading development, and explaining ideas and telling why

• expose children to high-quality children's literature

• use the power of teamwork and points systems to power a love for reading and books


How to get started

To access the materials, teacher's notes and training sessions you will need to purchase access to them here:

Purchase options

If you're not ready to purchase the materials yet, your students can still begin engaging with the story world for free by exploring an interactive map of Storyhaven. You could also give them the address to visit on their own devices at home to test their enthusiasm for playing the game.

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